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Modern heating plates Solgaz. Is Polish solution will conquer the planet?

Solgaz company has created unique in the planet, flameless heating plates. The solution is based mostly on unique burners put under the ceramic plate. These burners are managed by the electronics and process heat for the infrared radiation.
Many thanks to the catalytic combustion of the gasoline, vitality conserving in contrast to typical gasoline cookers is up to fifty p.c. Furthermore, substantial temperature combustion helps make the resulting exhaust gasoline is up to ten moments cleaner than these emerging from the burner flame. Not only that, it has a optimistic affect on the setting, it also guards furnishings from greasy deposits.
Unique answer are also sizzling added fields that do not charge the gasoline, and are accountable for their operate other gases from the burners. http://cokupic.pl/Plyty-do-zabudowy-Plyty-gazowe-do-zabudowy/filtr/Solgaz to them, we can heat foods with out consuming further power. Of system, the very hot box can only function when it is managing at minimum one particular other burner.
Management devicesis performed by the touch panel. Simply choose the burner, and then set the desired heating electricity. When finished cooking, the exhibit we can see that the burners are still sizzling, and about the safety of child care specific lock.
Solgaz produces revolutionary devicesGas since 2002. Fuel plates are qualified by the "CE" marking and used in them complex solutions are safeguarded by patents throughout the world. Also recently they have been awarded a medal for the first spot at the Intercontinental Truthful of Szczecin in the classification "All for home + interiors professional".
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