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Innovative heating plates Solgaz. Is Polish merchandise will conquer the planet?

Solgaz company has designed unique in the entire world, flameless heating plates. The answer is primarily based on unique burners positioned under the ceramic plate. These burners are managed by the electronics and process warmth for the infrared radiation.
Thanks to the catalytic combustion of the gasoline, vitality conserving in contrast to standard fuel cookers is up to 50 p.c. In addition, higher temperature combustion helps make the resulting exhaust fuel is up to 10 times cleaner than people emerging from the burner flame. Not only that, it has a constructive influence on the environment, it also guards furniture from greasy deposits.
Special resolution are also sizzling further fields that do not charge the fuel, and are accountable for their operate other gases from the burners. Thanks to them, we can warmth foods with no consuming added energy. Of program, the sizzling box can only work when it is working at least one particular other burner.
Management devicesis executed by the touch panel. Just pick the burner, and then established the desired heating energy. Once concluded cooking, the screen we can see that the burners are nevertheless hot, and about the basic safety of little one treatment special lock.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3uioiXJR2o creates modern devicesGas considering that 2002. Gasoline plates are accredited by the "CE" marking and utilized in them technical options are secured by patents around the world. Also just lately they have been awarded a medal for the very first area at the Intercontinental Truthful of Szczecin in the category "All for house + interiors commercial".
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