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Modern heating plates Solgaz. Is Polish merchandise will conquer the world?

Solgaz business has designed special in the globe, flameless heating plates. http://forum.gazeta.pl/forum/w,93698,162745280,162745280,Plyta_gazowa_Solgaz_opinie.html is dependent on particular burners placed under the ceramic plate. These burners are controlled by the electronics and procedure heat for the infrared radiation.
Thanks to the catalytic combustion of the gasoline, vitality preserving when compared to typical fuel cookers is up to 50 percent. Moreover, large temperature combustion helps make the ensuing exhaust fuel is up to ten moments cleaner than these rising from the burner flame. Not only that, it has a optimistic effect on the environment, it also guards furniture from greasy deposits.
Exclusive answer are also hot additional fields that do not cost the fuel, and are dependable for their function other gases from the burners. Many thanks to them, we can warmth foods with no consuming added power. Of program, the scorching box can only operate when it is working at the very least one other burner.
Management devicesis done by the touch panel. Merely select the burner, and then set the desired heating electrical power. When completed cooking, the show we can see that the burners are nonetheless sizzling, and about the security of kid treatment specific lock.
Solgaz makes revolutionary devicesGas since 2002. Gas plates are accredited by the "CE" marking and used in them technical remedies are secured by patents around the world. Also recently they have been awarded a medal for the very first area at the Worldwide Truthful of Szczecin in the class "All for residence + interiors business".
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