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Revolutionary heating plates Solgaz. Is Polish merchandise will conquer the entire world?

Solgaz firm has created exclusive in the world, flameless heating plates. The remedy is based mostly on particular burners positioned below the ceramic plate. These burners are managed by the electronics and process warmth for the infrared radiation.
Thanks to the catalytic combustion of the gas, energy conserving when compared to traditional gas cookers is up to fifty p.c. Moreover, http://www.solgaz-opinie.mojeforum.com/viewtopic.php?id=2 tends to make the resulting exhaust gasoline is up to ten moments cleaner than individuals rising from the burner flame. Not only that, it has a positive effect on the atmosphere, it also safeguards furnishings from greasy deposits.
Exclusive answer are also sizzling added fields that do not charge the gas, and are dependable for their work other gases from the burners. Many thanks to them, we can warmth food without consuming extra strength. Of training course, the hot box can only work when it is working at least one particular other burner.
Manage devicesis done by the contact panel. Merely pick the burner, and then established the wanted heating electricity. After finished cooking, the display we can see that the burners are even now very hot, and about the basic safety of youngster treatment specific lock.
Solgaz generates progressive devicesGas because 2002. Gasoline plates are licensed by the "CE" marking and utilized in them technical options are safeguarded by patents worldwide. Also lately they have been awarded a medal for the 1st location at the Global Fair of Szczecin in the group "All for residence + interiors industrial".
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